Britax Max-Way Plus installed in a VW Transporter

Todays installation is a challenge for most parents.  How do you install a rear facing seat with tether straps in a VW Transporter? There are no tether loops, no seat rails and the front seat is surrounded by a steel box.  How and where are the tether straps attached?  No problem, there is always a way to install our rear facing seats.

Child is 11 months old and the father needs to use the working van for drop off and pickup at kindergarten several days a week.  No Isofix in front seat.  One could use a forward facing seat but that is an unthinkable and dangerous option in Sweden.  Solution is to install a rear facing seat with tether straps that quickly can be installed and removed. Todays choice is a Britax Max-Way Plus. Other options would be Axkid Minikid 2, Minikid 3, Britax Max-Way or Klippan Opti 129.  Max-Way Plus, and also regular Max-Way, are good options since head support is small and will block view in right side mirror less than other seats.

There seem to be no place to attach tether straps but there is actually a great solution.  The front seat is folded open to show a small storage compartment underneath the seat.  A foam box is removed and two metal bars can be seen.  These are perfect for the tether straps.  It’s a tight fit to slide the straps underneath the metal box but can be done without tools.  Then attach each strap around the sturdy metal bar and most of the job is done.

Place the foam box back in place and fold the front seat down.  Max-Way Plus is then installed as usual.  An angle adjuster was used to provide a bit more leg space and better angle for the small child. We would like to place seat further forward against dashboard but it’s not possible due to angle of tether straps.  View in right side mirror is currently not great but a small extra side mirror will help.  Removing the seat is easily done in 30 seconds.  Installing the seat is also done in less than a minute since tether straps already are in place.  When not used the straps are folded away on side of front seat and are not in the way.  Airbag is of course off.

Installation can as you see look complicated but not an issue for us who install seats on a daily basis and have installed many hundred seats over the years. There is always a way:-)

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