BeSafe iZi Plus – Repairing head support

Today we are making a fairly new and right now unusable seat like new again.  Head support of iZi Plus does unfortunately break quite often.  Main reason is that head support is angled forward when making height adjustments.  After a while a small spring inside the head support will expand, a small locking clip will come off and the seat will be unusable.

This repair is something we do quite often.  The mechanism inside consist of plastic parts which need to fit together properly and it’s not a repair parents should make at home.  We exchange the small spring, make sure everything fits together and finish off with placing the small locking clip into place.  The small spring is surprisingly strong and requires a special tool and some force to be attached properly. Not a fun repair the first time but it’s now a fast routine repair.

One thought on “BeSafe iZi Plus – Repairing head support

  1. Kristian Capellen says:

    Thanks for the movie. I got this problem as well. After a closer look both the spring and the locking pin are gone. Any idea where I can buy this spear parts.

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