Three pairs of attachment loops in a Tesla Y

Three Axkid Minikid 3 in a Tesla Model Y! Attachment loops are extremely helpful when using rear facing seats. Especially in a Tesla where the seat rails are extremely tight to chassi of the car and extremely difficult to attach tether straps. These can be installed by the customer or we perform the installation at our workshop.

In this Tesla Model Y we installed three different loops according to requests by the customer. When you have a brand spanking new car you want the best solution:-) Behind passenger seat we installed loops from Axkid in a very special way. Loops are installed inside the seat rail to make them invisible. Of course we tried two pairs of lower tether straps from Axkid and these fit without problems. Only downside is that front passenger seat can’t slide all the way back. Not an issue for this customer since there will be a Minikid 3 both in front passenger seat (airbag off) and also behind passenger seat.

In front seat we installed our long premium attachment loops. These fit well and move the attachment point for the tether straps far more forward. Straps from Minikid also clip straight into the loops, no lower straps needed. Behind driver seat we installed our extra long premium loops. Main reason was for driver to be able to slide seat all the way back if needed. Tesla Model Y is incredibly spacious but a very tall driver might need more space up front. When driver seat is moved further back the loops can barely be seen. Customer wanted a functional and nice looking solution to the beautiful car and we tried several different solutions before deciding on this somewhat different installation. Now ready for the kids!

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