Maxi-Cosi Mobi SPS installed in a VW Passat

Maxi-Cosi Mobi SPS installed in a VW Passat. 15 years ago Mobi dominated among rear facing seats in Sweden and it was the most sold seat in the country. Installation with seat belt, great leg space for child and adjustable recline while driving. A very nice, comfortable and affordable seat. Mobi XP and XP Comfort were upgrades later added to the seat. Maxi-Cosi did unfortunately have a boss for the Nordic region who didn’t like rear facing seats so development stopped. Such a shame since Maxi-Cosi have great engineers, fantastic design and great quality. They could have completely dominated rear facing but now have zero rear facing seats which last past age four.

The seat has one huge disadvantage and a few minor ones. It does need massive amount of space since leg space for child is so great. Minor issues include installation where some have issues getting a tight installation. Height is by todays standards not great, rear facing to around age four. Mobi SPS arrived in 2003 so this basic model also require manual adjustment of harness height. Not an issue 15 years ago but today of course seen as Stone Age. The seat was also never approved for Plus Test due to pure stupidity by Maxi-Cosi. It’s still a nice and affordable seat although official sales of the seat was halted a couple of years ago.

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