Axkid Minikid 2 – Little or huge leg space for child?

Little or HUGE leg space for your child? Most parents aren’t aware that most of our rear facing seats have very flexible leg space. This apply to pretty much all of our seats with belt installation (and Axkid ONE/ONE 2). Use little leg space in tiny cars and/or when your toddler is young. Increase and use HUGE leg space for your older toddler and those long drives. In this smallish Ford Focus Hatchback we have installed the compact Axkid Minikid 2 with both little and massive leg space.

Minikid 2 with little leg space allow a tall 190 cm adult to sit very comfortably up front. When huge leg space is used the same tall adult will fit in front passenger seat but it’s a little cramped. Pretty much all of our rear facing seats with belt installation can be installed with little or lots of leg space. About 1/3 of car seat is in general allowed to hang over edge of vehicle seat.

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