Axkid ONE installed in front passenger seat of a Volvo XC90

Axkid ONE in color “Tile Melange” installed in front passenger seat of a Volvo XC90 with airbag off. In general we say that all positions in the car are equally safe. If we look a bit closer at all factors we consider front passenger seat with airbag off the safest place in the car for a rear facing child. Front passenger seat has been used in Sweden for the past 50 years and is today still a very popular position for a rear facing child. Installing ONE with Isofix is as usual done in 15 seconds. It’s easy to find the perfect position providing awesome leg space for child while at the same time leaning against dashboard and having a good view in right side mirror. Simply attach the seat to the Isofix connectors, adjust leg space appropriately for your child and then slide vehicle forward until car seat is touching dashboard. You will now likely have a good view in right side mirror.

If view in right side mirror is obscured by car seat it’s easily fixed by using a small extra mirror which is mounted on top of your right mirror. The car seat is now fairly close to the windshield. It would be recommended to move seat a bit further backwards in a few years as child grows since ONE has an incredibly tall back lasting to around age 7 or about 130 cm. At that height head support is quite a bit taller than outer part of the seat shell.

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