Lets touch quickly on safety, are many kids or adults injured by turbulence?

Turbulence in the skies over the United States has killed two passengers since 1980 and injured more than 316, plus at least 138 flight attendants, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.


Fifty-five turbulence related accidents were reported during the period 1982-1991, ranging from a maximum of 10 in 1986 to three in 1989.  One fatality and 79 serious injuries were reported, ranging from 14 serious injuries in 1986tp four sserious injuries in 1983″ (US Federal Aviation Administration)

Considering there are 25 000+ flights each day in US, chances or injury are small.  Why are passengers hurt or injured?

Most were hurt because they were not wearing seat belts, even though the ”fasten seat belt” sign had been turned on.

When you fly and fasten seat belt sign comes on, take it seriously for both yourself and your child. Most accidents happen due to passengers being unrestrained, not due to poor seat belts.

“Most of the injuries that occur because of turbulence are preventable if people wear their seat belts,” Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Alison Duquette said yesterday.

Injuries to passengers are very rare but does occur.  Injuries to children are extremely rare:

  • Each year, approximately 58 people in the United States are injured by turbulence while not wearing their seat belts.
  • From 1980 through June 2004, U.S. air carriers had 198 turbulence accidents, resulting in 266 serious injuries and three fatalities.
  • At least two of the three fatalities involved passengers who were not wearing their seat belts while the seat belt sign was illuminated.
  • Generally, two-thirds of turbulence-related accidents occur at or above 30,000 feet.