We have happy customers in 100+ countries and have over the years shipped many tens of thousands of car seats. Below is feedback from some of our great customers at Thanks very much for keeping your kids safe, we appreciate all your kind feedback.

Dear Hakan,

Last month I ordered and received a Britax Hi Way and a Brittax Multi Tech seat. We were very happy with the seats and thrilled with the two Be Safe mirrors that you included as a gift – thank you very much! I had intended to write to thank you and say how happy we were with our new set-up, but unfortunately three weeks ago (just three days after my son’s seat was installed) I had an accident in our car.The best thing was that no-one was hurt – the most surprising thing was that my 2 year old son slept through the accident. He obviously felt very comfortable and his seat showed itself to be very safe

As a result we are even happier with our purchases. As it has been involved in an accident, I have just placed an order on your website for a new Multi Tech to replace my son’s. My daughter had not yet moved from her ‘bucket’ to the Hi Way so it wasn’t involved in the accident.

I just wanted to write and thank you for supplying us with seats that we believe are a much safer option than those available locally.

Kind regards,
M in Australia

Hello Håkan,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the seat, it is really very similar to the BeSafe Izi Combi and a great fit in our brand new (for us :)) 2012 Grand Picasso.
What is probably more interesting is that we were able to use it in our previous car, a 2012 Toyota Yaris. We put it behind the driver’s seat and I was able to sit without my knees stuck against the dash, and I’m 190 cm tall. It wasn’t the most comfortable 1000km or so I’ve driven, but it was doable.

Many many thanks from me and the family for all our future trips 🙂


Hi Håkan,

The HiWay II seat arrived last week. I had a chance to fit it yesterday.
It is a very good seat. It takes up less space, and gives more leg room than the Axkid minikid when fitted in my wife’s car – Mercedes C-Cass W204

Thanks for all your help.

Just to confirm our car seat arrived safe and sound and is now fitted in my car – it fits fine in rear seat of my little Fiat 500 (not huge amount of legroom for front passenger but not a problem for us!) and also my husband’s Citroen Berlingo Multispace and the support leg reaches all the way to the floor of the storage compartment. My daughter seems very comfortable in it!!
Thank you for all you advice before making our purchase,
Best wishes


I did not find on your website where I could let a comment but I am very happy about the set I just ordered, i.e. a Britax Max Way. Fast delivery. No damage. Very easy to install even on a Nissan Micra.
I will really recommend your site.

Dear Hakan,

We have just received the car seat and it is perfect.

Thank you very much for your kind help your support and your patience.
kind regardS


Στάλθηκε από το iPhone μου

We’re happy to tell you we’ve got our 4 year old and 13 months baby rear facing in your car seats! Thanks for everything


just to let you know that the seats have reached their destination on due time, and that they fit prefectly into my car! My babies seem to feel very confortable in it, so thank you so much for the fast delivery, and for allowing parents from another contries to travel safe with their kids.


Elise + family

Dear Håkan

Just wanted to let you know that the car seat has arrived. It was delivered to my door this time (last time I had to drive to the PO on the other side of town), which means it took only six days from ordering it to receiving it. That’s impressive!

Many thanks

Dear Hakan,

We received our KLIPPAN TRIOFIX last week and we are very satisfied so far. It’s very easy to install, it fits perfect in my opel corsa and our baby girl seems very happy. Thank you very much for all your help. You ‘ve answered all our questions ,you ‘ve been really helpfull,great customer service. Great job!! I ‘ll recoment your site to all my friends. Thanks again so much!!

Kind regards,

Sofia Greece

Hi Hakan,

Thanks for the link – we actually managed to install the seat before you sent this link and after watching the video, I see that we installed it correctly and it really was quite easy. Today we’ll go for a ride with my son to test it out but I’m impressed so far with my first impressions. The seat feels very solid and well built.

Also, in case you would like to share this with other small car/Nissan Micra owners – with the seat installed in the back seat, we thought we would lose the front seat because of the space that the Klippan takes up, but this was not the case. There is still surprisingly lots of room in the front (so long as the passenger in front isn’t too tall). Also, with the Kippan headrest completely extended, there is still plenty of head room.

Once we dis-activate the airbag, we’ll probably put the Klippan up front but for now, we like that it’s connected to the Isofix in the back – the front does not have the isofix.

Thank you again for all your help and support,

Dear Hakan,
Thank you again for your help and excellent customer service. We installed the Max-way in the car yesterday and we all ADORE it! Thomas fell asleep quicker than ever on the way out and also slept the whole way back (about an hour and a half) which is unprecedented. He is clearly so comfortable and so happy in it. It is so well designed and put together. It also sits well in our car (Opel Astra 1999) and, using the additional wedge supplied (needed because of the very sloping seats in the Astra), it has a great incline – he could comfortably interact with Daddy next to him and see out of the windows but his head NEVER flopped forwards (a change from our last seat) and he kept it back against the headrest pretty much all the time! It really was a joy to see him so comfortable in the seat. And know how well protected he is…
A huge thank you from all three of us.
Keep up the good work – we need you!
The Caseys

Hello Hakan,
Just to let you know that we got our MaxWay yesterday afternoon and already install it in to the car. It’s just a great product and our baby seems to feel very comfortable sitting in there; very happy as well as now he can watch by the window. I’ll definitely recommend this kind of seat to other moms here. Once again many thanks for everything.
Kind regards,
Daniela Maxway

Dear Hakan,
I just wanted to let you know that the car seat we bought from you in January is now being used by our baby Grandson, Thomas, born on the 4th March.
Everyone remarks about how brilliant the car seat is when they see the handle pulled out of the back and Thomas being wheeled, as opposed to carried, to the car. Thomas seems to find it extremely comfortable and falls asleep whenever he is placed in it.
Thank you very much for providing a very innovative, comfortable and, most importantly, safe car seat for our Grandson,

Dear Håkan,

Our Britax Hi-Way 2 arrived just before Orthodox Easter, a wonderful surprise for us and a perfect gift for my 11-month old baby boy. We took him for a short ride and he was thrilled! He sat in the seat like he was The Big Boss :))))). Didn’t cry, didn’t need a single toy, didn’t even bother to look at us! He was more interested in what he could see out the window and, of course, he played with the red button of the seat harness.
My quick review of the seat, now that we’ve used it for a few short and long trips, is that it’s very easy to set up, very sturdy, easy to carry at only 7 kilos and it fits perfectly in our small Fiesta with enough room for the front seat passenger as well. The recline is good, the child’s position is comfortable, plenty of leg room for later… What more to say except the two magic words: THANK YOU !

Kind Regards,
Ruth Booth

Hi Hakan

I just wanted to say thanks for your help. The car seat arrived really promptly with no extra charges owing, and it fits the Nissan Micra really well — loads of room for the passenger, could even have it behind the drivers seat (and I’m quite tall, 175cm).

It came with two extra black plastic bits in a bag, but I can’t figure out where they belong on the car seat. Do you know the parts I mean and could you tell me what they are for?

Thank you

I have been meaning to send you pics of our little Zachary in his HW 2 car seat here in the US.
We LOVE it!!! It fits in our Infiniti EX35 really well.
It definitely is much more sturdy then the other Britax seats we have owned and we feel that Zac is well protected in it.

You really went well out of your way helping me decide which car seat was best for us. I appreciate you kindness and help!

Jill Fleury

Thank you so much Hakan for your wonderful service, assistance and communication in helping us buy this seat. We are more than happy with the product, time of delivery and best of all we received a product which supports our needs regarding the safety of our precious daughter. I will most definitely be purchasing our next seat from you when our second child comes along. I will be spreading the word here in Australia about your wonderful service and support in our purchase.

Kind regards,

Jess, Ben and Tayla from Australia

Hi Hakan
The Britax Two Way was delivered on Friday. It’s Fantastic! Niamh was at school when it arrived so I set the straps up to the highest holes but when she came home and dived straight in it I realised they were too high. I had to put them down to the middle holes, so it will hopefully last longer than I thought. It’s a great seat, very easy to install, she’s comfortable and very importantly as safe as is possible.
Thank you so much for all your help and advice. I’ll be recommending your website to anyone who asks about my ‘strange’ seats. Thank you also for the baby mirror that was very kind and thoughtful.



Yesterday we got the seat. It fits well in the Altea. It will take just few days to find the correct inclination, but at the moment I’m very happy with the seat. Wonderfull tracking system!

Thanks again.


Hi !

i’m interested in britax car seat and i need some info,
i see new max-way , very nice but it’s also forward facing like multitech ?

what’s difference between maxway and hiway 2 ? it’s both only rearfacing?

this three britax is not isofix ?



p.s. i buy from you some time ago a duologic for my first son, now 2 years… it love it ..fall asleeps after 10 minutes every time 🙂

Just realised, I never replied to say thankyou for the awesome service.

It’s always a risk buying something online from the other side of the world, faults happen with any product from time to time but the way that you dealt with it makes life a lot simpler with the hassle free replacement and prompt service.



Hello once again!

Thanks! We will try to use the first one as back up like you suggested. If anyone ever asks us about the seat he/she will here nothing but praise of you and we will highly recommend you!

Kind regards from Slovenia,


thanks again! You are probably the most professional salesman I’ve ever met on the Internet and I purchased a lot of things online.

Best regards,

Matevž Sande

Thanks so much we received the seat today and love it. We installed it right away no problems!


Hello Hakan,

My car seat arrived on Monday. We are very very pleased with it. And the little guy also!

First time we didn’t installed it right and went again through the installation guide and did good 2nd time.

Thank you very much for all you help!

Best regards,

Ana Iordan

Hello Håkan,

thank you very much for the super fast delivery. The seat (Britax Max-Way in Crown blue) is so beautiful. We will recommend your shop. Greetings from Germany Simone, Daniel and Jonas.

We have received and installed the car seat, its great! So much better than what is on offer here unfortunately. Thanks for the professional and helpful service you offer.

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Hello Hakan,
yesterday we received the Britax Max way. Its condition was perfect. Now it is already in the car! I think that my son loved it because it is taller and he can observes outside the window better than before! Thank you very much!
Kind regards
Despina from Greece


I have received my seat and it is very nice

I’m very happy for the security of my daughter

Kinds regards

Stephane France

Hello Håkan,

We got our Britax Hi-Way 2 about a week ago and are absolutely thrilled about it. It’s perfect! Shipping was so quick! Thank you so much for everything.


Hello Håkan,

Just to let you know that we received the Britax Max-Way this morning. I can not thank you enough for all the precious help, information and fast delivery. As you indicated, this seat fits perfectly in the vehicle, our baby feels very comfortable and, very important, the set is very strong and stays firm (even with the terrible roads we have, it does not shake:-)).

The seat is extremely comfortable and practical. With this type of car seat, we eliminated the problem of having the seat belt crossed on the way of the baby (when putting him in and out of the vehicle). The Britax Max Way is also fantastic as it allows simple adjustment of the height of the head support / harness. The head support is also well studied since, unlike the support of the First Class Plus we had before, it does not bend the ears since it does not touch them :)10 to 10 stars!

Also, easy to install following the video provided at britax website.

Thank you!
Ana S Cunha

Dear Hakan,
The seat arrived last week, and it’s really not too difficult to install! Fits perfectly, great!
Thank you very much, and I’ll recommend your shop to all my friends ;o)
Best regards,

Wow I am now realizing just how simple US seats are. I installed my multi tech after watching multiple videos and studying the manual. It’s very secure and the foot prop is showing green. I know pictures can’t tell everything but I was wondering if you could take a look and see if it looks ok. Thank you sooooo much for all the help you give us car seat nerds here.

Hi Hakan

Just to let you know that I received the seat on Saturday morning (that was very quick indeed). And it fit perfect in my car.
Théo likes it a lot !
We re ready ti hit the road 😉
Thank you for your kindness.


Hello Hakan,

I have been received the seat today. It’s amazing, i love it ! Thanks so much, and see you soon, when i’ll be pregnant, to buy a seat for the second baby !!

Kind regards,

Nathalie, from France

Hello Håkan,

We received the carseat in good order yesterday afternoon. It’s a very nice seat! I’ll send you a picture the next time both our children are in their seat.

Thank you very much for the good service yet again.

Best wishes,

Marijke Huijzer

Hi, Just want to thank you for your excellent service and fast delivery of our new Britax Max Way. We love this car seat. I wish the car seat makers here in Australia would make rear facing car seats for toddlers. What a shame they do not recognize the importance of rear facing and make it a standard for our kids!

i was looking at the MT, but not paying enough attention to the TW. her shoulders are *just* even with the top slot for the shoulder straps. she can’t sit RF in the MT at all. the head rest bumps her shoulders just enough that she’s vexed by it. my 2 yr old rides in the MT right now.

do you have any RF seats for sale that she might fit in for another year or so?

argh!!!! i am not ready to FF her. i want her to RF until she’s 35 and married with children :*(

what’s your advice?

one more time, thank you so much for the work you do. we are tremendously grateful to have been able to RF her as long as we have. god bless you!

florida, usa

Hello Hakan,
thank you very much. The seats arrived yesterday morning. Less than 48 h after my order. You are very very fast.

Kind regards

A little over a year ago, I ordered a Max Way for my almost one year old daughter. It took me a little time to do the first installation. Since then, I have become very proficient at installing the seat. I have a compact Mercedes A160. It fits just fine in my car. My husband has a BMW 328i coupe. It fits just fine in his car. I have traveled with the seat from Germany to the US and back 3 times now. It has been installed in 2 Chevy Silveradoes, 2 different Ford Foci, a Chevy Malibu, a Honda Odyssey, and a Ford Explorer during our travels. I have never had any issue installing it in any of these vehicles.
We now use the seat with the Britax spacer block that you included with the order. At 23.5 months, my daughter’s feet can just now reach the back seat. The headrest height is still on the next to the bottom rung. We have a long time left in this seat. Everyone who sees this seat is impressed by its sturdiness and comfort level. My daughter loves the seat. We have back-up seats by American manufactures, and they are not even in the same league as the Britax Max Way.
Thank you so much for the recommendation! -Lari

H iHåkan,
I got the carseat yesterday, everything is allright. I really apreciate your site. I´ve learned a lot about rear facing and has been very helpfull.

Hello Håkan,

Thank you for the excellent service! We recieved the seat and looking forward to use it first time very soon.

Best wishes,
Maarit Taling

Dear Håkan,

I just wanted to let you know that the seat has reached my address in perfect condition. I am very happy with the purchase.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
Agata Zielinska

Hallo Hakan,

Today I received the package and installed the seat in a Citroen C4 hatchback.
Installation, Isofix rear facing of course, was a piece of cake and there was no need to move even half an inch the driver’s seat to fit it.
The seat is sturdy with high quality construction and easy to make any adjustments.
The seating angle, for which I was worried, also looks OK for our baby which feels very comfortable in it J.
Great product, up to 5 stars!

Thank you very much for your services.

We managed to JUST fit the Max-Way in my Focus-it is laying firmly against the front seat in the most forward position and it looks good!The fit is much better and tighter than the Britax First Class-probably because of the way it is tethered.
We totally loved it and everything else we bought form the store-the quality of everything is superb.
Just one comment,though.The keep cool cover has 4 types and it is not stated in the webshop which model you buy.So the one that actually came to us is only until 18 kg and not the one that goes up to 25.I think this should be made clear beforehand as we thought that this was a cover that would last for as long as our carseat.Anyway,it looks great and the fabric is lovely,so I guess we will be looking for another one in a year or two.
Thank you very much for everything-you have been very helpful!
Keep up the good job and the mission!

Hi Håkan,
Just wanted to say thank you for such great service and offering Swedish car seats abroad. We received our Britax Two Way Elite yesterday and our 10 month old son Bruce is so happy in his new seat. I used to dread car rides with him because he cried so much but in the TWE he doesn’t cry at all and in fact he went straight to sleep as you can see in the photos attached. Thanks once again for making us safer happier travelers

dear hakan,
thanking you very much for your help with my new car seat. it fits great and we are delighted with it.
thanks for all your helpful information and for sorting things out when i had to change the seat.
much appreciated

I wanted to thank you and let you know the seat did arrive 10/24 as posted . I was able to confirm MexPost /UPU/EMS/Posten have a very efficient tracking system and I was able to get in contact with the regional and local offices and even the driver of the truck that finally delivered the package with no issue at all. Although in comparison the cost of getting the seat was 2 or 2.5 times higher than getting a certified seat here I sure think it’s worth it. At least until someone starts offering the ERF seats here in Mexico. There’s a free trade agreement in place and I didn’t have to pay any additional custom fees being the total cost less than 1000 USD.

I wanted to let you know this because hopefully in the near future more people in Mexico might feel interested on getting one of the seats but might be afraid of doing so because of all of the uncertainties of making business in Mexico.
Please let them know about my experience and feel free to share my email address with them if needed. I know it might have encouraged me a lot to do this sooner if I had had the chance to hear of any good experiences here.

I have present that this is business to you but I respect a lot the fact of making business with a genuine good cause behind.

Hi Håkan!
Thank you for your message. The carseat has since safely arrived at our house.
Also, thank you very much for your service and the great website offering quality rear facing seats and all the accompanying info!

Best regards,
Katharina, Hendrik and Minna

Hello Hakan,

Just received the base (and the mirror… THANKS A LOT 🙂 )

I put it in place in my BMW e46 “coupé” 2 door with no problem and my wife still has some space to sit in front even with her 180 centimeters.
(but i didn’t use the recline function)

so i’m perfectly happy
thanks a lot again

Hello Håkan,

just a little feedback from us – the seat is perfect for us! Our daughter still has a bit room to grow and the seat is very comfy for her. It’s easy to install in all our cars and also fits. I’m very relieved that we can keep her in a harness and rear-facing for a while longer. Thanks so much for everything and also again for your efforts when the parcel was missing.

Kind regards,

Dear Hakan,
we have received the seat a couple of days ago and installed it yesterday in the car. Our daughter seems very happy with her new seat! We are happy as well. Niels

Thanks for everything. The car seat went from customs to health Canada for approval.
We fitted our 2 year old boy into seat in our house and it was so comfortable he did not
want to get out. The seat was very easy to install and seems extremely safe.

Thanks very much for everything.

Hello Hakan,

Thanks a million for the great seat and really excellent service you provided. Donnacha will be comfy for years now thanks to you.

Best regards
Keith Hynes.

Thanks a lot. We received the car seat this week and have just been fitting it – no problems at all, very straight forward and seems very robust. Thanks for your advice.

Kind regards

Amazing! We already received the seats. Thank you very much for such an efficient job!


I am so pleased we received our seat today. We have it installed and ready to go for our 5 year old daughter. She should get years of use from it as she is little. Thank you for fast postage. I think I’ll need to order another one soon for our other car.
From Jane in Australia

Arrived! Whole family are thrilled! Child using seat looks so much more comfortable, than in her other baby seat. Thank you 🙂 better than our highest expectations. Will no doubt be ordering second seat in next 8 months for new baby too.

i wanted to inform you that we have installed triofix recline
in our car (Renault Megane 2 doors) and it is a perfect fit.
We put it behind drivers seat as we are not very tall and
it fits just right at the recline posision.
Thank you for helping us choose the right seat for our car.
Best Ragards

Hello Hakan,

First, one note about the packaging. We ordered a BeSafe mirror with the MaxWay car seat. When we opened the car seat box, the mirror was OUTSIDE of it’s box. I was afraid that it had been scratched while bumping around with the car seat, but it was fine. Nevertheless, I wanted to let you know.

Anyway, I finally found the time to install the car seat in our 2008 Toyota Corolla Verso. Between reading the manual and tightening the last strap, it took me about 30 minutes, but I think the next time it won’t take so long.

I have a couple of questions. The Britax manual showed only two ways to install the anchor straps 1) through the corners of the front seat cushions or 2) on a special metal loop near the seat rails. I couldn’t get 1 to work and our car doesn’t have 2. So, based on what I had read online, I looped the straps around the rails themselves. It seems very tight and secure, especially because the rails are bolted to the car body, but I wonder if this is an incorrect installation, and therefore putting my child at risk. Any feedback would be welcome.

Also, the Britax manual says that the car seat must not touch the seat in front, and at one point it suggests leaving 10cm between the car seat and the front seat head cushion. My installation left about 2 cm, which doesn’t seem like much, especially given the 10cm mentioned in the manual. Unfortunately, leaving 10cm doesn’t seem like an option, as the driver would be uncomfortably pushed toward the steering wheel. Again, any feedback would be welcome.

As a final note, we tested the seat this morning with our petite 6 year old (110 cm, 17 kg). She LOVED it! She said that her legs were comfortable, she could see lots of things out the windows, and she even liked that she could see me in the new besafe mirror. Note that this is coming from a child who has been forward facing for years. She clearly got into and out of the car seat on her own, but it wasn’t very graceful, especially bringing her legs over around the seat belt straps. I imagine that she would get better at this over time. Given that it’s so easy to move the head rest to meet the size of the child, I imagine that we’ll be using the seat with her on the occasions when her little sister isn’t with us!
The next test will be to see if our little Houdini is comfortable enough in this seat that she doesn’t try to wiggle out of her straps (her latest trick in her bucket seat!).

Thanks again for the excellent service!

Hello Håkan,

Thank you for handling my orders quickly. I received today the Max-Way and I am delighted.
My daughter will travel in a very safe car seat and it is thanks to the work you do at

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

Kind regards,

Hello Hakan,

I’ve well received my seat ( ordered on Monday, received on Friday !), faster than France to France !
Our 2 children will be safely installed for our Christmas holidays trip.

So thank you very much for your rapidity, availability and kindness.

Have a Merry Christmas,



Just wanted to let you know (perhaps you know from the tracking) that the two way elite has found its way to the UK safely‎ and is now fitted in the back of our car.

May I ask one last question regarding rearfacing seats please? I believe height wise they are grown out of when the ears reach the top of the seat. Is that the top of the ears or the bottom?

The verdict from my small 7 year old (112cm tall) is that he finds it more comfortable than our zento and I can see he will have longer rearfacing in it as his head is several cms below the seat top whereas his head is a few cms above the zento. This is good due to his huge abdominal hernia (due to a birth defect) with his liver just below the surface of the skin rearfacing offers him extra protection until he has surgery to close his muscle which may be a while . My 18 month old will move into the zento now.

I would like to thank you for all your assistance with purchasing this seat and what a good service I’ve received with a very prompt delivery. I have no hesitation recommending your site to friends and family – indeed I sent my brother your link the other day as he has a baby.


Hello Hakan,

I have been received the seat today. It’s amazing, i love it ! Thanks so much, and see you soon, when i’ll be pregnant, to buy a seat for the second baby !!

Kind regards,

Nathalie, from France

I can’t tell you how much of a life saver your website is considering the disastrous road safety here combined with a poor offer on car seats.
Looking forward to the besafe a lot!
Christophe Leroux

Hello Hakan,

This is a little late as we have had our car seat for approximately a month now, but I just wanted to give you some feed back and say thank you so much for the great service you provided. I am so incredibly thankful that I stumbled across your site and was able to purchase this seat, as it has given me great peace of mind knowing that my child is in the safest seat possible.

My daughter and I were Hit by another car a while ago ( which brought about the search for this car seat) as i saw first hand that She had NO neck support at all sitting forward facing!
I am so happy with the IzyPlus. It was easy to install and works very well. It took 1 week and 1 day to arrive to our door, which is just fantastic.

We are now purchasing a Mercedes ML350 and I was wondering if the seat can be installed in the middle of the back seat? And Is this the safest place to install a child seat? As the IzyPlus has tether straps that hook around the bottom of the front seat (then buckle up) I am not sure if it is possible to secure the seat if it is in the middle?

I look forward to hearing from you and Thank you for the wonderful service you are doing in providing such an informative web site…and making it possible for me to purchase a rear facing car seat for my child to be safe for many years to come!

Kindly Leisha
Perth Western Australia

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Dear Mr. Håkan,

I received just today the items of my order. I would like to thank you once more for your excellent service but most importantly, for the chance you are giving us here in Greece to buy rear facing car seats.

Dear Håkan hello,

We got our carseat and installed it yesterday, it is amazing and my daughter is so happy in it. Totally worth the waiting and I would like to thank you for your constant and immediate respond throughout this time. The most important is the feeling that my baby is much safer in an ERF carseat, even if here people are not so conscious in rear-facing (and in car seats in general) and I will definately get that ‘weird’ look and comments for having my baby in rear-facing carseat until she’s five (now she is two).
One thing I would like to ask you is whether the front seat has to touch the back of the carseat or not.

Kind regards,

If you could provide any guidance I would be very grateful. As I am sure you have been told many times, the UK is a black hole when it comes to extended rear facing seats so it can be very confusing over here!

Hello Håkan,

Just to let you know that the seat arrived safe and sound this morning and we are already loving it.
Although I bought this seat for my 19-months-old daughter, my 4-years-old son absolutely wanted to give it a try and love it.
I just wanted to thank you for your great work, we’ll for sure recommend your website for friends who might want to go rear facing.

Kind regards,


I just ordered a Rømer Two Way Elite seat from you yesterday but I have a few questions. Many people I know use your webshop and the general feeling is that you cannot buy a bad car seat in your shop. How cool is that? 🙂
Anyway, we will probably use the seat both face forwards and backward whatever fits our sons mood. My partner is not fully in tuned with the idea of a rear facing seat only. Is the seat equally safe facing either way?

🙂 Liz

Hello, Hakan.

Thank you, I’ve received the seat, everything is ok! It’s perfect, my baby girl just love it, she is falling asleep very quickly in it.

Kind regards,

Hi Håkan ,

I hope this email finds you well 🙂

We brought the Britax Maxway from you and imported it to Australia over 2 years ago and absolutely love it, for our daughter. We have a new baby on the way, due in October and I was just wondering if you sell and what you recommend as a next seat, leading on the from the Maxway for bigger children? We’ve been so happy with the safety and comfortability of this first seat, would be keen to hear your suggestion for the next step.

Thank you very much for your help!

I am sorry, but it was myself who was confused!! It was a booster seat by besafe that I saw advertised in france and it confused me. I will be ordering from you the besafe izi plus as soon as my baby outgrows his first Britax car seat, and he still has a few more months in it as he is only 9 kg and 13 months old. I will look no further than!!!! Thank you once again for a quick reply and your excellent customer service.

My oldest daughter is now 6 years old. 5 years ago you helped me because I wanted a RF seat for my Renault Clio. You sent me tons of photos to help me pick and I chose Britax Hiway. She was 13 months old and she loved it. Later my dad bought a Britax Two-way to his car. She loved it too. She used Hiway until 3,5 years (she’s really tall and getting her inside a Clio and a Hiway was getting complicated) and she used Two-way until 4 RF and until 5,5 in FF.
Now we have a baby boy. Travelling was becoming very stressfull because he was starting to absolutely hate his (and his sister) baby cocque from Chicco. He’s way below chicco’s weight limit but… we put him in the Hiway (since he was over 8 kg) when he was 8 months. Silence is a bliss 😉 And now he’s 9 months old and 9 kg (ok, he’s 8,900) and my dad instaled again the Two-way. Again, he loves it.

Thank you so much for your help 5 years ago. I really love beeing the crazy mom that uses RF. 😀

Micaela Ferreira – Portugal

Hello, Hakan,

Just to let you know, in case you have new customers with the same car as mine, that I was able to install the Minikid in my Micra in the seat behind the driver´s seat. It just fits, placed at the edge of the back seat and fully reclined, but bear in mind that I´m not tall (1,61m) so my seat needs to be placed forward quite a lot anyway.

I will be ordering another Minikid for my son in the next few weeks to be placed behind the front passenger seat. It does leave very little room at the front, but it works for our family of three just fine. One final thing, I don´t think you would be able to put one in the passenger front seat (airbag off) and one behind it, there just isn´t enough room for that.

Anyway, thanks again for your help, I hope the information comes in handy. My daughter Ella is really happy in her new carseat and has had no complaints going back into rear-facing.


Thanks Hakan I now have both seats!

They are absolutely beautiful seats, the best I’ve ever owned. I’m so very happy that after all this waiting and slight drama, my kids are able to use them and be much safer.

Thank you


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Hi hakan

We just want to say thank you for all of your help. Archie’s new seat is amazing. The best firing car seat I have ever seen. It doesn’t even move!!!! Excellent