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Starting February 23 we will have a Winter Sale at with nice discounts on Britax HiWay, Axkid Minikid and Besafe Izi Plus.  Quantities will be generous but limited. Please come and visit us at for some good winter savings.



Britax HiWay 2:  The extremely popular HiWay 2 will be on sale.  This rear facing seat is light weight, comfortable, approved to 25 kg (55 lbs), has passed the ultra strict Swedish Plus Test to 25 kg, has good sleep position and will fit well in pretty much any car small to large.  It will usually last rear facing to around age four or a height of 110 cm.  It’s definitely the best all-round seat in the world.  Those who prefer a bit more support for the little one can add the optional head support.

Also included will be the popular wedge from Britax which provide a bit more angle for those with vehicle seats sloping more than usual.

HiWay 2 in color “Cosmos black” + wedge retails for 275 Euros. 

Winter Sale price for HiWay + wedge  will be 220 Euros



Axkid Minikid: Another very compact seat on sale is Axkid Minikid.  Famous for its extremely tall seat shell, good sleep position, self adjusting head support and self tightening tether straps.  Minikid is like HiWay 2 approved to 25 kg (55 lbs) and has also passed the ultra strict Swedish Plus Test to 25 kg. Minikid has one of the tallest seat shells of any rear facing seat in the world despite its compact size. It will usually last rear facing to around  age six or a height of 125 cm.

Axkid Minikid retails for 330 Euros.  Minikid will be available in colours “Grey” , “Red” and ‘Petrol blue”

Winter Sale price for Axkid Minikid will be 280 Euros.



BeSafe Izi Plus: The “Best in test” Izi plus will be available at a rare and nice discount.  Long rear facing time, great and adjustable leg space, adjustable sleep position while driving and Plus Test to 25 kg (55 lbs) makes Izi Plus a favourite seat.  Among the seats approved to 25 kg it’s only Izi Plus and Maxi Cosi Mobi which have adjustable sleep position while driving.  A very popular feature among parents.

One should be very hesitant to any seat which is certified as “best in test”.  But Izi Plus has twice in three years received this award  by Folksam, the Swedish insurance company known worldwide for it’s amazing dedication to car seat safety.  Being “best in test” at Folksam with Helena Stigson in charge should be highly respected.  A nice contrast to the ridiculous, inexperienced and highly biased testing at Which!, ADAC and Stiftung Warentest who on a daily basis mislead parents on what car seats are safest for our children.

BeSafe Izi Plus retails for 450 Euros.  Izi Plus will be available in color “Black cab”

Winter Sale price for BeSafe Izi Plus Be will be 390 Euros.

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