Swedish Car Seats

klippan5What’s so special about  Swedish car seats? The main feature is the possibility for children to sit rear facing for a longer time.  The strong recommendation in Sweden is for children to sit rear facing until age 4 or longer.  There are plenty of seats which can handle this, both by height and weight.  The Swedish seats are certified for higher weight  rear facing than any other seats in the world. Most seats are certified to 25 kg. (55 lbs) rear facing and are also quite tall. 

Many children are skinny and will be nowhere near 25 kg. at age 4. But availability of rear facing seats with even decent limits are hard to find in many countries.  Today there are also more chubby and stocky kids than ever before, it’s a great feeling to know that regardless what happens a child can stay rear facing the first few years. britaxhiwaybennoThe Swedish seats have a high seat shell and children are allowed to sit in them longer height wise than in other countries, the "1-inch rule" does not apply.  Children are allowed to sit rear facing until tip of ears are at top of seat shell.  This means much extra rear facing time. 

There are also some seats with extra high seat shell, like Britax two-Way and Britax Multi Tech.  It’s rare for a child to outgrow a Multi Tech rear facing before 4 years of age. Many parents also mention the easy install.  Most of the Swedish seats can be installed  safely in virtually any vehicle without extra equipment.  Seats work equally well in Swedish, American, Australian, German, Saudi Arabian, French, Spanish, Mexican, Argentinian,  Canadian or car from any other country.  Easy install is very important since research has shown  a large percentage of parents travel with car seats incorrectly installed.