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Below you will find some of the public sources used on  Some are in Swedish and others in English.  New sources are regularly added:

NTF – Swedish traffic safety organization who does great work to keep children (and adults safe).  Their question and answer section regarding kids in cars is simple but offer nice advice for parents.

CPSafetyProviding online and in person (Central Indiana) assistance to parents, caregivers, teachers, day cares, medical providers, transportation companies and other educators.

Auto News

Volvo – World leader in traffic safety research.  One very good PDF to read is this one.

Säkerhetsbutiken – Outstanding safety store which specializes in car seats and safety equipment for older people.  Founder and staff has life long experince with all apsects of car seat market and is without doubt the most knowledgeable store anyone can find. – Fantastic resource for car seats safety.  Anyone can ask a question without registering.  The site is filled with countless volunteers with great car seat knowledge. – Best car seat safety site in UK.  Helena is a passionate rear facing advocate and does great work to help parents rear face longer.

Childrestrainstsafety – Finest car seat safety site in New Zealand.  Bonnie has amassed an impressive amount of facts, figures, and instructions regarding rear facing use.

Vägverket – The Swedish NHTSA.  Great resource for statistics and general traffic safety.  Organization is passionate about traffic safety.

FAA – US Federal Aviation Administration

Klippan Safety – Makers of the first Swedish rear facing car seat named “Klippan”

VTI – One of the finest crash test facilities in the world staffed with people who know car seats better than anyone.  VTI was researching carseats, mostly rear facing, many years before others.  Thomas Turbell, the father of rear facing, worked for VTI until he recently retired

ANEC – Long and interesting study

Rear Facing, getting the message right – PDF file with a short summary of why children should ride rear facing

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