New i-Size rear facing car seats

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Some new rear facing car seats are arriving. Two brand new seats and two upgraded models. The two new seats are approved for i-Size, also called UN 129, which is the new European car seat standard.

The current ECE R44 European standard will continute to be valid for many years to come. A detailed explanation of the new i-Size standard will follow shortly. In summary we can say that i-Size will in the long run make it easier for parents to find a good and safe car seat for their child. In the short term, during the next few years, it will unfortunately be more difficult than ever to find a suitable seat for your child. One major difference with i-Size is that seats are approved for height and age with less focus on weight.

Besafe Izikid i-Size: A nice i-Size seat similar to the current Izi Plus model but more compact in size. It has adjustable angle while driving and provide a very nice and comfortable sleep position. Leg space can be limited on some i-Size seats but Besafe has “cheated” a bit and is using the same anti-rebound bar as Izi Plus.

That means size of the seat is compact enough to be certified as an i-Size seat but leg space can be increased by adjusting the anti-rebound bar and pushing the car seat further back. This smart construction create lots of leg space for your child.

Seat shell is very similar to Izi Plus with the easy adjustable head support. The base has an audible indicator letting you know when the support leg is in correct position. Just like with Izi Plus there are magnets in the fabric which holds the harness away when entering and exiting with your child.

Izikid i-Size is approved from 61-105 cm, is used rear facing and will last to around age 4. Approved weight limit is 18 kg. This is one of the first i-Size seats to arrive and Besafe has done a nice job.

Besafe Izikid i-Size is available for pre-order from April 16 at with seats scheduled to arrive next week. Click here to pre-order the Besafe Izikid i-Size

Maxi-Cosi Pearl XP: A beatifully designed new seat which is approved for the new i-Size standard. A major advantage of Pearl XP is the use of a separate base. That means very fast and easy installation and also that the base can be used for other seats. Maxi Cosi Cabriofix and Pebble are the most popular infant seats in Europe. They can now be used with the 2WayFix base for an infant and the same base is then used with Pearl XP. A very nice Isofix package for your child.

Recline angle is nice and very smooth to adjust which means a great sleep position for your child. Installation is ultra quick by first attaching the 2Way base and then the Pearl XP seat. Done in seconds. The new 2WayFix base has an audible signal letting you know when the support leg is correctly placed. A LED light also provide visual confirmation that installation is correct.

Maxi-Cosi Pearl XP is approved 67-105 cm, is used rear facing and will last to around age 4. It can be used for kids 18.5 kg.

Pearl XP is available for pre-order at with arrival towards end of April. Click here to pre-order the Pearl XP with start April 16.

Britax Max-Fix 2: This seat arrived last year and provide rear facing use from birth to around age 4-5 years. This model has now been upgraded with a newly designed Isofix mechanism, removable and washable cover for the anti-rebound bar and also a spacer to add some extra leg room.

The upgraded Max-Fix 2 can be ordered here.

Axkid Duofix: This is a new seat but in reality an upgrade of the Kidzofix model. Main difference is that Duofix has a regular head support with manual adjustment. The Kidzofix model had a head support with automatic adjustment which was liked by many and disliked by some.

The Duofix does provide some interesting functions since it can be used from 9-25 kg rear or forward facing and is installed with Isofix or seat belt. It can be used rear facing to 18 kg with Isofix and up to 25 kg with seat belt. Seat shell is quite tall and will last to around age 5.

Duofix can pre-ordered at with arrival towards end of April. Click here to pre-order Duofix with start April 16.


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